Warranty Terms & Conditions For Glass Coating

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This Warranty Document will contain the following information –

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Maintenance Guide

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 Nano4Life Australia


Nano4Life Australia Warranty Terms and Conditions


Warranty Provided by Nano4Life Australia

APPLICABLE – The warranty is applicable to new and used glass surfaces less than 5 years old.

TYPE OF COVER – Nano4Life warrant the glass surface coated with NanoDiamond Ultra Protection under the following Terms & Conditions. NanoDiamond does not prevent build up of lime scale, calcium build up, permanent water marks and minerals deposits. The coating is design to make the glass surface easy to clean by using mild detergent as part of your regular maintenance cleaning.

In the event of damage to the glass coating, Nano4Life Australia Technician or “Approved Applicator” upon inspecting the damaged area “Approves” that all the Terms & Conditions have been met and is satisfied that the affected area requires rectification. Nano4Life Australia will rectify the damage under the “Limit of Liability” clause.

SELF ASSESSMENT PROCESS – If the coating appears to have lost the water repellent effect during the warranty period. The client must do a “Self-Assessment” and is require to perform the following test.

  1. Clean the glass surface by using mild detergent mix with warm water and use a microfibre cloth or a soft sponge to clean a small section of treated glass surface.
  2. Rinse with a cold water to clean the surface and let the surface dry.
  3. Once the surface is dry, rinse the cleaned glass surface again. If you notice the water repellent effect or water beading, then the coating is still effective. During most cases, the coating may appear to lose its effect as the glass surface is dirty due to poor maintenance and contamination such as dirt, grim, oil, calcium or minerals build up that may occur which will affect the coating until it’s cleaned properly.
  4. If the “Self-Assessment” process is completed and it fails to show the water repellent effect, please film Step 1 to 3 and email to: sales@nano4life.com.au or the “Approved Applicator” who treated the glass with “Self-Assessment Process” in the Subject Heading.
  5. A Nano4Life Australia Technician or our “Approved Applicators” will then have to assess the treated surface.

PERIOD OF COVER – New and used glass surfaces that has been treated by Nano4Life Australia Technician or our “Approved Applicator” are covered for a period of 10 Years from the date the glass surface has been coated and the “Maintenance Guide” clause have been met. Any failure to meet this requirement will result in having the Warranty void and no longer covered.

GENERAL CONDITIONS – 1) The Warranty is only valid if proof of the Warranty Document has been issued by a Nano4Life Australia Technician or our “Approved Applicators”.

2) Domestic glass surface will only be warranted. Commercial glass surface will not be covered.

4) The Warranty is in the name of the home owner only and cannot be transferred.

5) Ongoing maintenance of the treated glass must be cleaned regularly to Nano4Life’s recommendation to minimise the build-up of various contamination (fortnightly/monthly).


EXCLUSIONS – 1) If the home owner has failed to maintain the glass due to careless or negligent behaviour of the glass surface and deemed to be “unacceptable”.

2) Pre-existing damage to the glass which has not been rectified.

3) The use of incorrect manual cleaning techniques, metal brushes, metal scrapers, steel wool or tools that have been contaminated that causes abrasions or damage by either the home owner or a third party.

4) Various stains such as watermarks left by hard water and minerals which can cause water spots to form and stain the surface or any other contamination which can leave a stain if left over time and not cleaned and maintain.

5) The use of polishing machines, polishing compounds, harsh, rough abrasion, gritty, highly alkali, highly acidic, powder, or paste cleaners on treated glass surface.

6) Any financial expenses due to loss of time for recoating or inspection of glass.

INSPECTIONS – 1) Regular maintenance must be performed from the date that the glass was treated for the 10 Year Warranty to stay valid.

2) Before a Nano4Life Australia Technician or an “Approved Applicator” is called out to assess the glass surface a “Self-Assessment” must be performed.

3) If the “Approved Applicator” who is called out to assess the treated glass surface “Approves” that the coating has failed. The “Approved Applicator” will repair the glass surface. However, if the “Approved Applicator” assess that the glass surface is still effective then there will be an inspection fee of AUD $95 which will be charge by the “Approved Applicator”.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY (CLAIMS) – 1) In the event that a claim is to be made, the home owner must notify an “Approved Applicator” within 30 days when the defect was first noticed. Any failure to comply will result in the Warranty being terminated after having assessed negligent behaviour.

2) A claim “Inspection Fee” of AUD $95 is payable to the “Approved Applicator”. However, this is refunded if the Warranty Claim is “Approved” for repair.

3) The claim of Warranty is determined at the sole discretion of Nano4Life Australia. Either rejecting the claim or approving the repair by an “Approved Applicator”. However, if “Approved” once inspection has been completed and all conditions have been met under the Terms & Conditions, only the affected area of the Owner’s glass will be recoated to a maximum value of AUD $1,000 (whichever is less). After recoating, the Warranty is terminated and no longer valid.

4) Any dispute that may arise under these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the law in New South Wales, Australia. All parties involved agree to submit to the jurisdiction of that state.


Definitions – Approved Applicator – An independently owned and operated business / company that apply and sell Nano4Life Australia products.

Nano4Life Australia Technician – Nano4Life Australia Professional Applicator.

Warranty Document – A document issued to the home owner which states the date which the surface was coated, by whom, the Terms & Conditions and ongoing maintenance procedures.