About Page

The Beginning

How it all started………it all began with the two cousins living in the heart of Melbourne, Australia - Kon the Greek Adonis and Vila the Kung Fu Master. Kon was a construction worker by day and a male stripper by night. While Vila was the next up and coming actor and was often referred to as the next “Asian Brad Pitt”. Well, wouldn’t that be an interesting way to start to our story………

The truth is, Kon used to work as a consultant in the Mining and Oil & Gas Industry for some of the largest companies in the world such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Origin Energy as a Cost Engineer looking at ways to track and save money.

While Vila was working in the Financial Services Industry assisting clients with home loans, business loans, insurances and other financial services products.


The Idea

As a Cost Engineer, Kon was always trying to find ways of reducing cost on various projects. One day while browsing the net, he stumbled across videos on Nanotechnology at work and how particular surfaces treated with Nanotechnology could minimise the cleaning time and potentially save people thousands of dollars.

He soon realised that this may help reduce maintenance cost in the mining sector. Kon decided to share the videos that he saw with Vila to get his thoughts. As soon as Vila saw the video, the first thing that came to his mind was – “I need this for my bathroom!” Vila hates to admit it, but he doesn’t clean the bathroom until there are moulds and fungi that build up over time.


The Journey

As they researched more about Nanotechnology, they came across Nano4Life and thought that it was such an amazing product with great benefits that could be applied to all different types of surfaces, which was not only 100% safe and eco-friendly but also safe to the environment and to humans.

They both continued to do research and became more intrigued with the whole world of Nanotechnology itself. After having spent hours of their time reading, understanding and watching videos seeing the effect of nano-coated surfaces and how easily water just beads off, they wanted to get their hands on the products.

All sorts of ideas came to mind like “How awesome would this be if people didn’t have to spend countless hours cleaning?” “How much time could we all save?” “What would it mean to people's lifestyle?” “It will not only make our lives easier, but we can help our families and friends really make a difference by helping them save time and money”.

As they thought more about it, it became apparent that the people around them such as their Mums, Aunties and Sisters spent countless hours on cleaning around the house. Every single day, week and month, over and over again and it never got easier.


Taking Action

After several months had passed and having spent thousands of dollars buying different types of Nano4Life products, testing them out and when they were satisfied with the results, they both finished with their current occupation, formed a company and started to embark on their next adventure. That is by bringing Nano4Life products to the Australian market.

They decided that they wanted to help people all throughout Australia reduce their cleaning times so everyone can spend more time to do the things they enjoy. This is reflected in their vision, which is

"Helping Australians clean less, live more..."


Our Heart

When they were deciding on which company that they wanted to be associated with, Health and Safety was one of their highest priorities. Because through their research, they knew that there were some companies who used harmful chemicals while others that were toxic and proven to cause cancer. They know firsthand what it’s like to have family members who have had to battle cancer. Kon’s father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and Vila’s mother had been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer which had spread to other parts of her body and both have unfortunately passed away.

They know how difficult it was for the whole family to go through and their hearts goes out to all the families who are currently going through what they’ve gone through. They realised that life is really short and the more time you can spend with your loved ones is time well spent.

Rest assured that Nano4Life products are 100% natural, non-toxic, safe to you and your family and your children. They want to be able to give you and your family the peace of mind that when you use Nano4Life products, you know that your family is safe and your valuables are protected.

Our journey is just about to begin, please join us in our goal to help Australians live a better more fulfilling life by allowing you to have more time to do things you enjoy and start living the life you deserve today!