Become a Distributor

Become A Distributor

Nano4Life Australia has rewarding distributor opportunities available for businesses interested in stocking our German-made, world-class nano protective coating products.
Our products provide unparalleled quality, starting from the fact that we have the largest product range in the world guaranteeing that this innovative product will suit all customers’ needs. With easy application and long lasting protection, it is clear that we "Helping Australians clean less, live more.With over 45 distributors across the globe, Nano4Life’s advanced, German-engineered products could be on your business’ shelves today.

Becoming a distributor through Nano4Life Australia not only benefits your business with the excellent range of products itself, we also strive to provide numerous key benefits for distributors working with us.

This includes:
  • Lucrative discounts and the largest product range for nano protective technology
  • Being eligible for wholesale prices if you have high sales volumes
  • Providing marketing materials and ongoing support (for both technical and general enquiries)
  • Providing product and sales training, as well as a relationship manager to support your business so that you’re treated as part of a team
  • Support in generating leads and promoting you as our local suppliers, and
  • Being able to work with our highly supportive, motivated, and friendly staff, as well as being exposed to our network for business growth!
To find out how you can become a distributor of Nano4Life, fill out the form below.