About Nanotechnology

What is 'nanotechnology'?

Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. A human hair is 80,000 nano meter thick. The word ‘Nano’ comes from the Greek word meaning “dwarf” or small and we now use the term in a scientific sense.  When we are talking of Nano products, or technologies, we’re referring to items or coatings which have dimensions that are measured in billionths of a metre. It is so small that it is invisible to the human eye.


How does Nano4Life apply from nanotechnology?

Nano4Life coatings have been created with Si02 (Silicone Dioxide Pure Quartz or also known as Liquid Glass) utilizing the Sol-Gel process manufacturing to produce highly durable coatings that are completely safe, quick, renowned for ease of application and completely environmentally friendly. 

There are two types of Nano4Life products; a water-based solution for porous surfaces and an ethanol-based solution for non-porous surfaces.

About the company in Germany and its global presence.

NANO4LIFE EUROPE Co® is the Global Leader in Nanotechnology coatings that have been specifically designed to replace conventional coatings.

NANO4LIFE EUROPE Co® was founded in 2008 to create and supply the global market with Nanotechnology products that are applied to all surfaces and provide unique properties such as:

  • Water repellent
  • Sealing
  • Anti-stick protection
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Frost resistant
  • Non Slip
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Protection against dirt particles
  • Protection against sea salt deposits
  • Protection from UV radiation
  • Make cleaning fast and easy
Our products are:

  • All natural and non-toxic
  • Unique invisible coating
  • Simple application process
  • Odourless
  • 100% eco friendly
  • Hassle free
Our range of products:

  • We have the largest range of Nanotechnology Products, offering up to 80 different products in up to 400 different packages from 100 ml to 1000 litres.
  • Products also created for different sectors such as building and construction, Marines, Automotive, Hospitality and Textile for both residential and commercial.
About Us:

We work with leading Nanotechnology Institutes based in Germany to design and create our leading-edge products.  Germany is considered a world leader in the field of nanotechnology.

Our products are manufactured using the Sol-Gel process with SiO2 (silicon dioxide) or pure quartz sand.

ΝΑΝΟ4LIFE EUROPE Co® is available worldwide with up to 40 distributors located throughout the world.