Why Use Nano4Life

When you use Nano4Life protective coating it becomes much easier to clean. When you use Nano4Life ultra small invisible nano particles penetrate, fill and spread over the surface giving a smooth protective film layer. Any pollutant and dust particles sitting on top of the film will simply wash away with water, even without any scrubbing! This making cleaning much faster as you're not spending time to remove dirt from micro holes on the surface that cling onto dirt.




Long Life Protection So It Lasts

When you use Nano4Life protective coating it prolongs the life span of your valuables because you're not constantly wearing away at it when cleaning. Nano4life not only protects from water damage but also protects against the harsh Australian UV rays and weather conditions.

invisible coating

Invisible Coating

Nano4Life protective coating is invisible to the naked eye. Nanotechnology, which is the cornerstone of Nano4Life, consists of ultra small nano particles that are 80,000 times smaller than a strand of human hair. This is also the reason why Nano4Life products do not affect the appearance of any surfaces.


Stain & Dirt Resistant

Nano4Life protective coating minimises your valuables from getting dirty, thus reducing the possiblity of stain and markings. If there are any accidental spills, we recommend cleaning immediately. Depending on the surface, quick cleaning may stop stains from appearing on your valuables. Please note: Nano4Life does not protect against acid, etching, wear and high water pressure 50 bars and above.



When you use Nano4Life water base products you won’t be deterred by the smell when you open the bottle as the products are ODOURLESS! This is a unique property and benefit that makes Nano4Life desirable among our customers. Our ethanol based products have a slight smell but it is still 100% natural and non-toxic, like all Nano4Life products.



Nano4Life products have natural anti-bacterial properties which helps reduce the growth of micro-organisms. Surfaces coated with Nano4Life products stops water penetrating and staying on surfaces, thus protecting against moss and fungi growth. This promotes a safe & healthy environment for you and your family.


Water Repellent

Nano4Life products mimic natures own lotus effect which means water automatically bead off the surface. It also protects against water damage and allows you to easily wash away any dirt particles sitting on top. Nano4Life products come in an easy to use pump spray bottle, making application process hassle free.


UV Ray Protection

When you use Nano4Life products it will help protect against the harsh Australian UV rays. As Australia is subject to some of the strongest UV rays in the world, offering a durable protection to your valuables is very very important.


Saves Time & Money

When you use Nano4Life products, it reduces your cleaning time by up to 90%, using less water to clean, reduces the use of chemical detergents, saving you time and money.


100% Breathable

Nano4Life protective coating are 100% breathable, which means it will allow the surface to breath naturally to remove condensation and preventing the growth of bacteria and formation of crystalline structure on building surfaces.

Using Nano4Life products you can be assured that you won’t be exposed to toxic chemicals as all of our products are 100% natural, non-toxic and eco friendly. Safety is one of our top priorities and we want to assure that our products are not only safe to you and your family but also safe to our environment. By using our products you are actively contributing to looking after our planet for future generations to come.


Non Toxic


Better Lifestyle

Nano4Life products are about reducing your cleaning time in different situations in life. Freeing you’re time so you can spend on things you enjoy doing, giving you the opportunity for a better lifestyle.



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