5 Tips to Keep Sea Salt Off Your Beach House Glass Doors and Windows

by Nano4life Australia October 06, 2016

Living in a home by the beach is a dream come true for a lot of people. Hearing the waves crash on the shore is a welcome delight, and so is waking up to the serene sight of crystal blue ocean.

However, anybody who's ever lived in a beach house or coastal town knows that keeping glass doors and windows clear can be difficult. This is because the cool ocean breeze often carries salts with it, which tend to accumulate on these surfaces. Before you know it, white stains have already clouded your pristine doors and windows faster than you can say "Surf's up!"

But don't let salt deposits spoil the fun of living by the sea. Here are five ways to keep your glass doors and windows clear as the sea.

  1. Start With Some Elbow Grease

If the salt stains on your windows are new and haven’t set in yet, a little scrubbing may just do the trick. Try using a cleaning pad like Magic Eraser or other soft scrubbing pads to safely scrub your glass surfaces.

  1. Spray on Some Vinegar

Undiluted vinegar is a fuss-free way to get rid of salt build-up on your glass windows and doors. Simply put some in a spray bottle and spritz liberally on salt-stained surfaces. Leave it on for a few minutes and then proceed to scrub with a nylon pad to remove stubborn salts. You can repeat the process if any more stains remain. After this, you can dry the surface with a crumpled newspaper for a streak-free finish.

  1. Use a Non-Liquid Remedy like Baking Soda

Older stains may also be removed using baking soda. This all-natural ingredient chemically counteracts the effects of salt deposits on your glass doors and windows without abrading their surfaces.

  1. Use a Commercial Cleaner

Sometimes thorough scrubbing is not enough to clear your windows of salt residue. At a time like this, it is best to use a commercially available lime removal product. You can get this from home improvement stores. Simply spray it directly on your glass doors or windows then wipe with a damp cloth.

  1. Protect Your Glass Doors and Windows with Nanotechnology

Nano4-Glass Ceramic is an ethanol-based Nanotechnology protective coating that is 100 percent all-natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. You can protect your beach house’s glass doors and windows from salt build-up just by a simple spray and polish. It effectively minimise dirt particles, salts and minerals build ups, makes cleaning fast and with ease so your glass surfaces remain as clear as the sea.

Nano4life Australia
Nano4life Australia


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