Instructions : CSC4-Car Protect

How to apply:

  • Before you apply, make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of residues.
  • Do not dilute CSC4-Car Protect with water, as it is not required.
  • Once the surface is clean and dry, apply CSC4-Car Protect with a linen or micro fiber cloth and rub on the target surface in a circular motion. An application time of 15-20 minutes is recommended for optimum effect. Remove the white residue with a polishing machine. We recommend high speed and surface pressure. The polishing pad may need to be changed if too much of the residue has contaminated it.
  • CSC4-Car Protect takes about 24 hours (occurs under ambient conditions) to be fully cured. In case of higher atmospheric humidity longer curing times are necessary.
  • Protection last up to 2 years provided application is made in accordance to instructions. However, you may need to re-apply earlier for optimum result.


Available in sizes

500ml. For bottles larger than 500ml please contact us directly.



One litre can cover up to approximately between 30m- 40m2.


Precautions - DO NOT SWALLOW

  • Always apply in a well ventilated area

  • Apply when surface temperature is between 5-30°C

  • Do not let products dry up before polishing

  • Avoid moisture contact with the surface after application until fully cured for 24 hours for optimum results

  • Wear gloves and protective clothing

  • Avoid applying in windy conditions

  • Wash hands after application

  • Highly flammable

  • Keep ignition sources away - Do not smoke

  • Keep out of reach of children

  • PH Value 14 or above cleaner can destroy the effect

  • CSC4-Car Protect does not protect against acid, etching, wear and high water pressure 50 bar and above


First Aid Measures

If inhaled: Supply fresh air; consult doctor in case of complaints.

If contact with skin is made: Immediately rinse with water.

If contact with eyes are made: Rinse opened eye for several minutes (10-15) under running water. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

If swallowed: Rinse out mouth and then drink plenty of water.

Do not induce vomiting; call for medical help immediately.

A person vomiting while laying on their back should be turned onto their side.

If Victim is vomiting, bring head in low position (increased Danger of aspiration / perforation)



Store in a cool and dry location.


Chemical Composition

Siloxanes and Silicones, Dimethyl, 3-(Oxiranylmethoxy)Propyl Terminated    (C16H34O5Si2)            10%

Naphtha (Petroleum), Hydrotreated Heavy           10%       

Silicon Dioxide      (SiO2)