Nano4-Wooden Deck Boats & Yachts

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Nano4-Wooden Deck Boats & Yachts is a water-based Nanotechnology penetrating protective sealer that is 100% all natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Our product is not only safe to you and your family but also safe to our environment.

No more hassle of choosing the right sealer as we have one product that is suitable for timber that is near the beach or hardwood timber decking around homes. Nano4-Wooden Deck Boats & Yachts will protect against salt water and salt deposits from the sea.
Once applied, let it cure for 24-48 hours, a thin film of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) seals and offers a long life protection of up to 5 years. Nano4-Wooden Deck Boats & Yachts is ISO 11507 certified and all of our products are industrial grade, suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Nano4-Wooden Deck Boats & Yachts unique properties allow it to create an invisible coating which does not affect the appearance or texture of the surface.

Nano4-Wooden Deck Boats & Yachts