Car Care Package

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Our Car Care Package is the perfect way to keep your car shining through all year round. With these amazing savings on the car pack of Nano4Life products, you’ll have everything covered, your car will be protected from dirt, grime, insects and other damages, keeping your car looking new the whole year round.

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Car Enthusiast Package

Nano4-Car Protect Kit 200ml
Nano4-Car Glass Kit 30ml
Nano4-Wheel Rims Kit 30ml
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Included in this pack is:

Nano4-Car Protect Kit 200ml

The perfect way to protect your car (for up to 5 years) against dirt and grime, UV radiation, sea salt deposits, insects and more!

Nano4-Car Glass Kit 30ml

Make every driving experience during heavy rain clearer and safer with this windscreen protectant that lasts for up to 12 months. You’ll be enjoying smoother rides thanks to the increased visibility, as raindrops will simply slide off the windscreen without using the windscreen wipers. The days of waking up to a thick frost build up on the windscreen are gone as Nano4-Car Glass has a unique properties reducing frost build up during cold mornings.

Nano4-Wheel Rims Kit 30ml

Protect your wheels (for up to 12 months) from tar, brake dust, and dirt with Nano4-Wheel Rims and you’ll discover just how much time you can save thanks to your new, easy to clean experience.


Nano4-Car Protect Kit

Nano4-Car Glass Kit