Car Detailing & Ceramic Coating Services


Have you just bought a brand-new vehicle and are you looking to get the most advanced ceramic coating on the market that will help protect against bird and bat droppings, UV radiation and making your vehicle much easier to clean while keeping a glossy shiny finish each time you wash your vehicle?


Or maybe you’re simply looking for the right company who truly cares about car detailing who will offer a service and advice on product that you can trust?


NANO4LIFE is proud to present our NANODIAMOND (9H-12H), the new generation of ceramic coating using the most advance Nanotechnology made in Germany. NANODIAMOND ceramic coating, is the most innovative product from the best scientific laboratories in the world. The product is designed to provide the ultimate protection for your precious vehicle from the environment impact especially Australia’s harsh climate. NANODIAMOND ceramic coating offer a second to none Super Shiny Clear Finish making your car “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”.

10 Years Written Warranty!


We have many experienced Approved Applicators from all over Australia who are ready to offer the very best service while giving our customers vehicles the best protection that it needs. Our Approved Applicators have been carefully selected and trained by us to maintain the highest standards possible. We let our results do the talking and expect that all our clients walk away excited knowing that their vehicle looks better than when they first bought it. If you would like to know more…




 Superior Ceramic Coating (9H-12H)

 Super Shiny Clear Finish

 Self-Cleaning (water beads off)


 Anti-Corrosion Protection

 Anti-Oxidation Protection

 Fire Car Paint Protection

 Up to 10 years Permanent Protection   

 Scratch Resistance

 100% Environmentally Friendly

 Colour Protection from UV Radiation

 Advanced Chemical (Acid) Resistance

 Highly Protective in Extreme Weather (frost & heat)

 Extreme tolerance in high temperatures (up to 1200°C)